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DateLanguagePreacher English NamePreacher Chinese NameEnglish TitleScripturesSermon
2009-01-04ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-01-11ChineseMarilyn Chen陳鳴鋁傳道  
2009-01-18ChineseRev. Tom Chow周汝文牧師  
2009-01-25EnglishRev. William Soldwisch and Rev. Romero Unity and Diversity in the LordRomans 14:1-8
2009-02-01ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2009-02-08ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-02-15English & ChineseRev. Derrick Tan陳齊堯牧師A Tale Of Two MissionsJohn 10:10
2009-02-22ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-03-01ChineseRev. Tom Chow周汝文牧師  
2009-03-08ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2009-03-15ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-03-22ChineseJohn Lee李孝德弟兄  
2009-03-29ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-04-05ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2009-04-12ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-04-19ChineseRev. Kaofang Yeh葉高芳牧師  
2009-04-26ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-05-03ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2009-05-10ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-05-17English & ChineseBr. Samuel Cheung張振耀弟兄Molding of LifeIsaiah 64: 8 ; Mark 8: 3-4
2009-05-24ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-05-31English & ChineseMarilyn Chen陳鳴鋁傳道His Loving TouchLuke 5:12-14; Lev 13:45-46
2009-06-07ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2009-06-14English & ChineseRev. Sam Yim嚴鳳山牧師Living with a Challenging LifeHebrews 12:1-3
2009-06-21ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-06-28ChineseMao-Song Liao廖茂嵩弟兄 Philippians 2:1-5
2009-07-05English & ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師Partnership in the GospelPhilippians 1:3-26
2009-07-12ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2009-07-19ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-07-26English & ChineseMichael Hsu許逸程弟兄Sharing in our Master's JoyMatt. 25:14-30
2009-08-02ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2009-08-09ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-08-16ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-08-23ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-08-30ChineseJohn Lee李孝德弟兄  
2009-09-13English & ChineseDr. David Depew God, Give Us IshmaelGenesis 17:15 - 21
2009-09-20English & ChineseBrother Phillip Israelson Blessing the Believing Remnant in IsraelRomans 9: 27-28, 11: 5 
2009-10-04ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-10-11English & ChineseRev. Ken Wong黃敬思牧師Raising Your Adversity QuotientJames 1:2-4
2009-10-18ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-10-25English & ChineseMichael Hsu許逸程弟兄Before and After PicturesRomans 6:1-11
2009-11-01ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2009-11-01EnglishRev. Ken Wong黃敬思牧師Conquer our fearsNumbers Ch.13
2009-11-08ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-11-08EnglishRev. Ken Wong黃敬思牧師Conquer our fearsNumbers Ch.13
2009-11-15ChineseMao-Song Liao廖茂嵩弟兄  
2009-11-15EnglishHoward Chang Caught in the StormMatthew 8:23-27
2009-11-22ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-11-22EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程弟兄Wake UpMark 10:46-52
2009-11-29ChineseJohn Lee李孝德弟兄  
2009-11-29EnglishJohn Ngai Remembering to Give Thanks - Blessing God Deut. 8:7-18; Luke 17:11-19
2009-12-06ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2009-12-06EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程弟兄A Christian Passionately PraysNehemiah 1
2009-12-13ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2009-12-20ChineseMarilyn Chen陳鳴鋁傳道  
2009-12-27English & ChineseSharing見證Giving Thanks for Life Changing Experiences