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DateLanguagePreacher English NamePreacher Chinese NameEnglish TitleScripturesSermon
2013-01-06English & ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師Following Jesus, Leading OthersI Peter 2:1-12
2013-01-13ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2013-01-13EnglishKen WongKen WongGoing Deeper With JesusLuke 5
2013-01-20ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-01-20EnglishKen WongKen WongObeyLuke 5
2013-01-27ChineseJoan Hsiung李薔傳道  
2013-01-27EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道New Wineskins for New Wine 
2013-02-03ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-02-03EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道What to expect 
2013-02-10ChineseRev. Tom Chow周汝文牧師  
2013-02-10EnglishKen WongKen WongGoing Deeper With JesusLuke 5
2013-02-17ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-02-17EnglishKen WongKen WongInvitation to go deepLuke 5
2013-02-24ChineseRev. Che-Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2013-02-24EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Always pray and don't give up 
2013-03-03ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-03-03EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道God is Awesome - Committed to praise and worship 
2013-03-10ChineseMing Lui Chen陳鳴鋁傳道   
2013-03-10EnglishKen WongKen WongPursuing Lifelong Learning 
2013-03-17ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-03-17EnglishKen WongKen WongLiving as God's DiscipleIsaish 40:3
2013-03-24ChineseRev. Che-Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2013-03-24EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Wasted Worship 
2013-03-31ChineseRev. Wilfred Su蘇文隆牧師  
2013-03-31EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Better than YOLO 
2013-04-07ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-04-07EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道108 hours of worship 
2013-04-14ChineseRev. Che-Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2013-04-14EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Prepare for Flight 
2013-04-21ChineseRev. Wen Yi Chen陳文逸牧師  
2013-04-21EnglishKen WongKen WongTransforming Power 
2013-04-28ChineseRev. Wendell Friest傅立德牧師  
2013-04-28EnglishKen WongKen WongDon't Hold Back2 Chronicles 34
2013-05-05ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-05-05EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Recipe for Worship  
2013-05-12Chinese 潘定藩牧師  
2013-05-12EnglishKenny WongKenny Wong24 hours 100% obedience 
2013-05-19ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-05-19EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Feeding the Hunger 
2013-05-26ChineseRev. Wilfred Su蘇文隆牧師  
2013-05-26EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Contagious Faith 
2013-06-02ChineseRev. Tom Chow周汝文牧師  
2013-06-02EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道A Contagious Heart 
2013-06-09ChineseElder Daniel Wong王元慶長老  
2013-06-16ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-06-16EnglishJosh LoJosh LoA New Day 
2013-06-23English & ChineseMichael Hsu許逸程傳道God's Grace - There Is No Plan BHebrews 10:11-14
2013-06-30ChineseRev. Peter Chen陳敏欽牧師   
2013-07-07ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-07-07EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Transformed by Doing 
2013-07-14ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2013-07-14EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Experiencing God: Name CallingGenesis 22:1-18
2013-07-21ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-07-21EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道One for All, All for OneHeb. 10:22-25
2013-07-28Chinese 郝文章牧師  
2013-07-28EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道God's Nature - Why We Can Trust Him 
2013-08-04Chinese 祈少麟牧師  
2013-08-11ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2013-08-18ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-08-25ChineseJoan Hsiung李薔傳道  
2013-09-01ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-09-08ChineseRev. Tom Chow周汝文牧師  
2013-09-15English & ChineseDavid Wong Faith under fire-Love is even greater1 Cor 13:13 
2013-09-15EnglishColleen Wong Faith under Fire: in the Shoes of Missionaries 
2013-09-22English & ChineseDavid Wong Faith-The pathway to pleasing GodHebrews 11:6
2013-09-22EnglishColleen Wong Prayers: Keys to Faith Under FireHebrews 11:6
2013-09-29English & ChineseDavid Wong Faith-The pathway to pleasing GodHebrews 11:6
2013-09-29EnglishColleen Wong Prayers: Keys to Faith Under FireHebrews 11:6
2013-10-06ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-10-06EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Recognize the Shepherd's VoiceJohn 10:1-5
2013-10-13ChineseJoan Hsiung李薔傳道  
2013-10-13EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道God Speaks Through Bible2 Tim 3:16-17
2013-10-20ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-10-20EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Love One Another 
2013-10-27Chinese 劉民和牧師  
2013-10-27EnglishLawrence Liu Integrity and Faith 
2013-11-03ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-11-03EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Not What I Asked For 
2013-11-10English & ChineseMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Let’s Rejoice with HimLuke 15:1-7
2013-11-17ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-11-17EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Getting a God's-Eye ViewExodus 5-7
2013-11-24ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2013-11-24EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道God Speaks Through The Church1 Cor. 12:12-26
2013-12-01ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-12-08ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師   
2013-12-15ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-12-15EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Spiritual Checkup 
2013-12-22ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2013-12-22EnglishMichael Hsu許逸程傳道Don't Miss Him