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DateLanguagePreacher English NamePreacher Chinese NameEnglish TitleScripturesSermon
2015-01-04English & ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師Enter the world with the heart of JesusActs 1: 1-9
2015-01-11ChineseRev. Derrick Tan陳齊堯牧師  
2015-01-18ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-01-25ChineseRev. Wendell Friest傅立德牧師  
2015-01-25EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Are we meek? 
2015-02-01ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-02-01EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The fullness of hunger 
2015-02-08ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2015-02-08EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Blessed are the merciful 
2015-02-15ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-02-22ChineseMinister Joan Hsiung李薔傳道  
2015-03-01ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-03-01EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Reward of Purity 
2015-03-15ChineseRev. Peter Chen陳敏欽牧師  
2015-03-15EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Peacemakers 
2015-03-22English & ChineseRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師When an Insult Is a ComplimentMatthew 5:10-12
2015-03-29ChineseRev. Cliff Chan陳浩強牧師  
2015-03-29EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師You are salt and light 
2015-04-05ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2015-04-05EnglishRev. Derrick Tan陳齊堯牧師Amazed by Grace: Easter 
2015-04-12ChineseDr. Anita Meng Liu孟安麗老師  
2015-04-19ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-04-26ChineseRev. Job Lee李光陵牧師  
2015-04-26EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Radical PurityMatt 5:27-30
2015-05-03ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-05-03EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師God's Heart and Divorce 
2015-05-10ChineseRev. Derrick Tan陳齊堯牧師  
2015-05-10EnglishRev. Derrick Tan陳齊堯牧師Step by step 
2015-05-17ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-05-17EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師God's Heart and Divorce 
2015-05-24ChineseMinister Joan Hsiung李薔傳道  
2015-05-31ChineseMao-Song Liao廖茂嵩弟兄  
2015-05-31EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The More of Christian Love Superseding Love 
2015-06-07ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-06-07EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Nothing Hip About Hypocrisy 
2015-06-14ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2015-06-14EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Lord's Prayer - Our Father In Heaven 
2015-06-21ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-06-21EnglishKenny Wong The Prodigal Son 
2015-06-28English & ChineseRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Hallowed Be Your NameMatthew 6:9
2015-07-05ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-07-05EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Lord's Prayer - Your Kingdom and Your Will Be Done 
2015-07-12ChineseRev. Timothy Pan潘定藩牧師  
2015-07-12EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Lord's Prayer - Your Will Be Done 
2015-07-26ChineseRev. Hao郝文章牧師  
2015-07-26EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Daily BreadMatt. 6:11
2015-08-02ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-08-02EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Lord's Prayer 
2015-08-09ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2015-08-09EnglishKenny Wong   
2015-08-16ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-08-16EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Lord's Prayer-Temptation 
2015-08-23ChineseRev. David Doong董家譁牧師  
2015-08-23EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Treasure that lasts 
2015-08-30ChineseDr. Namin Hsieh謝娜敏博士  
2015-08-30EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Unclouded Vision 
2015-09-06ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-09-06EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Don't Worry But Seek First 
2015-09-13ChineseRev. Jonathan Chiu邱志健牧師Sunday School session 
2015-09-13English & ChineseRev. Jonathan Chiu邱志健牧師Becoming a Missional ChurchActs 22:8,10, Exodus 8:1, 1 Peter 2:9, Matthew 28:16-20
2015-09-20English & ChineseMr. Steve WeemesMr. Steve WeemesHeart for AsiaRev 7:9-11, Acts 1:8, Matt 9:37, Acts13:2-3, Rev 7:9-17
2015-09-27English & ChinesePastor David KitaniPastor David KitaniMission is IncarnationJohn 1:1-5, 14
2015-10-04English & ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師An abundant life with commissionActs 22: 3-21
2015-10-11ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2015-10-11English  Hearing Father's Final Word2 Tim 3:1-17
2015-10-18ChineseMinister Joan Hsiung李薔傳道  
2015-10-18English  CompassionLuke 10:25-37
2015-10-25ChineseRev. Timothy Pan潘定藩牧師  
2015-10-25EnglishKenny Wong Called to obedience 
2015-11-01ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-11-01EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師20/20 Vision 
2015-11-08ChineseRev. Jonathan Chiu邱志健牧師  
2015-11-08EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Don't Give UpMatt. 7:7-11
2015-11-15ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-11-15EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Always Pay Attention to the Road 
2015-11-22ChineseRev. Paul Liu劉曉亭牧師  
2015-11-29ChineseMinister Joan Hsiung李薔傳道  
2015-11-29EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Entering the KingdomMatt. 7:21-29
2015-12-06ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-12-06EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Kingdom on the MoveMatt. 8:1-3
2015-12-13ChineseRev. Che Bin Tan陳濟民牧師  
2015-12-13EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師  
2015-12-20ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2015-12-20EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Gift of ExpectancyLuke 2:10-12