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DateLanguagePreacher English NamePreacher Chinese NameEnglish TitleScripturesSermon
2017-01-01English & ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Romans 15: 7-13
2017-01-08ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師 Matt 6:25-34
2017-01-08EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Hope that Stands FirmRomans 4:18-22
2017-01-15ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Psalm 146篇
2017-01-15EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Hope is God's LovePsalm 103
2017-01-22ChineseRev. Tom Chow周汝文牧師 John 9:1-12
2017-01-22EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Hope in God's AbilityEphesians 3:20-21
2017-01-29ChineseRev. Tom Chow周汝文牧師 John 12:20-26
2017-01-29EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgResolutions for a Joy-filled LifePsalm 63
2017-02-05ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Colossians 3:1-17
2017-02-05EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Hope in the Resurrection 
2017-02-12ChineseRev. Tan Che Bin陳濟民牧師 Luke 3: 1-14
2017-02-12EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Don't Worry Be Joyful 
2017-02-19ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Matthew 16:21-26
2017-02-19EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Joy/Learninig to Count 
2017-02-26ChineseRev. Isaac Chan陳啟猷牧師 Romans 12:1-2
2017-02-26EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Spell Joy 
2017-03-05ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Luke 11:1-13
2017-03-05EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Greatest JoyLuke 10:1-4
2017-03-12ChineseIsaac Wang王恩霖弟兄 Mark 10: 17-28
2017-03-12EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Complete JoyJohn 15:1-11
2017-03-19ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Luke 11:1-13
2017-03-19EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgBefore Difficult Times ComePsalm 46
2017-03-26ChineseRev. Isaac Chan陳啟猷牧師 John 15:1-10
2017-03-26EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師 Matthew 16:21-28
2017-04-02ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 2 Corinthians 4:16-5:10
2017-04-02EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Journey Toward The Cross 
2017-04-09ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師 Deuteronomy 22:1-4
2017-04-09EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Journey To The Cross 
2017-04-16ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 James 3:1-12
2017-04-16EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Guarantees of the Resurrection1 Corinthians 15:1-23
2017-04-23ChineseMinister Joan Hsiung李薔傳道 Numbers 11: 1-10
2017-04-23EnglishAaron Jalovec Living Missionaly Part 1 
2017-04-30ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師 Matt 21:21-22
2017-04-30EnglishAaron Jalovec Living Missionaly Part 2 
2017-05-07ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 James 4:11-17
2017-05-07EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師God's Kingdom, Name and WillMatt. 6:9-13
2017-05-14ChineseIsaac Wang王恩霖弟兄 Luke 1:26-38
2017-05-14EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Our Daily BreadMatthew 6:9-13
2017-05-21ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Proverbs 11:13;16:28;18:8;20:19;26:20-22
2017-06-04ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Colossians 3:5-17
2017-06-04EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師WinningMatthew 28:16-20
2017-06-11ChineseRev. Tan Che Bin陳濟民牧師 Luke 7: 11 – 17
2017-06-18ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Luke 15:1-32
2017-06-25English & ChineseRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師What Is a Disciple?Matthew 4:19
2017-07-02ChineseRev. Wendell Friest傅立德牧師 Matthew 14:22-33
2017-07-02EnglishRev. Wendell Friest傅立德牧師It's Me, Don't Be AfraidMatthew 14:22-33
2017-07-09ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Acts 8:26-40
2017-07-09EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Time To Grow UpEphesians 2:1-5
2017-07-16ChineseMinister Joan Hsiung李薔傳道 Psalms 23篇
2017-07-23ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師 Proverbs 14:30; 27:4
2017-07-23EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgFollow The Purpose of Paul's LifePhilippians 1:12-19
2017-07-30ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師 Proverbs 25:16-26
2017-07-30EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgFollow The Pattern of Paul's Life 
2017-08-06ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 2 Peter 1:1-11
2017-08-06EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgFollow The Prize of Paul's LifePhilippians 3:12-16
2017-08-13ChineseRev. Tan Che Bin陳濟民牧師 Luke 8: 4 – 15
2017-08-20ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Psalms 51 篇
2017-08-20EnglishKenny WongKenny Wong  
2017-08-27English & ChineseMinister Joan Hsiung李薔傳道Been on FB lately?Ecclesiastes 4:4-12
2017-09-03ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 John 3:1-21
2017-09-10English & ChineseDerek EngdahlDerek EngdahlGoing out to our gatesLuke 16:19-31
2017-10-01ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Amos 9:11-15;Acts 15:13-18
2017-10-01EnglishPastor Aaron JalovecPastor Aaron Jalovec  
2017-10-08ChineseEnlin Wang王恩霖弟兄 Psalms 63
2017-10-08EnglishPastor Aaron JalovecPastor Aaron Jalovec  
2017-10-15ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Romans 8:18-30
2017-10-15EnglishPastor Aaron JalovecPastor Aaron JalovecThe Fullness of JoyJohn 15:9-11
2017-10-22ChineseDaniel Chuang活出基督--飄揚香氣 2 Corinthians 2:14-17
2017-10-22EnglishPastor Aaron JalovecPastor Aaron Jalovec  
2017-10-29ChineseMinister Joan Hsiung李薔傳道 1 Samuel 23
2017-10-29EnglishPastor Aaron JalovecPastor Aaron JalovecCommunity 
2017-11-05ChineseEnlin Wang王恩霖弟兄 1 Samuel 22: 1-2
2017-11-12ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師 Matthew 7:1-5
2017-11-12EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Paying Attention to Jesus 
2017-11-19English & ChineseRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Being Rich Toward GodLuke 12:16-21
2017-11-26ChineseEnlin Wang王恩霖弟兄 John 6:48 - 51
2017-12-03ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Romans 8:26-39
2017-12-03EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師God's EloquenceHebrews 1:1-3
2017-12-10ChineseRev. Tan Che Bin陳濟民牧師 Romans 5: 5 - 11
2017-12-10EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師God’s MethodRomans 11:33
2017-12-17ChineseEnlin Wang王恩霖弟兄 Ephesians 2: 13-19
2017-12-17EnglishPastor Aaron JalovecPastor Aaron JalovecHeralding Our Heavenly HomePhilippians 1:27-30
2017-12-24ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Matthew 2:1-18
2017-12-24EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Miracle in a MangerJohn 1:1-5; 9-14
2017-12-31Chinese 蔡國山牧師  
2017-12-31EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Hope that Stands FirmRomans 4:18-22