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DateLanguagePreacher English NamePreacher Chinese NameEnglish TitleScripturesSermonPre-StudyPPT
2018-01-07English & ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師Flourishing Together - Healthy ChurchRomans 15:1-13  
2018-01-14ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師    
2018-01-14EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Costly Imitation1 Thessalonians 1:6-8  
2018-01-21ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Mark 4:35-41  
2018-01-21EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Art of Turning to God1 Thessalonians 1:9b-10  
2018-01-28ChineseMinister Joan Hsiung李薔傳道 Matt. 7:1-5  
2018-01-28EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Making Spiritual Gains1 Timothy 4:6-10  
2018-02-04ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 2 Samuel 13  
2018-02-04EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師The Power to ForgiveLuke 7:36-47  
2018-02-11ChineseRev. Tan Che Bin陳濟民牧師 Romans 16:1-24  
2018-02-11EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgExperience the Greatest Love of AllJohn 15:9-17  
2018-02-18ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師 Genesis 32:22-32
2018-02-18EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Forgiveness   
2018-02-25ChineseElder Paiyi Chuang莊百億長老   
2018-03-04ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2018-03-04EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師    
2018-03-11ChineseElder Paiyi Chuang莊百億長老   
2018-03-18ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2018-03-18EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師    
2018-03-25ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師   
2018-03-25EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgPreparations for the Passion WeekLuke 19:28-44  
2018-04-01ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2018-04-01EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Finding ClarityLuke 24:1-10  
2018-04-08ChineseRev. Tan Che Bin陳濟民牧師   
2018-04-08EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師 Brave: Why Are You Fearful?Matthew 8:23-27  
2018-04-15ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2018-04-15EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Brave: Is God Mad at Me?Matthew 9:1-8  
2018-04-22English & ChineseRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Facing Fears Over My FamilyLuke 8:40-56 
2018-04-29ChineseMinister Joan Hsiung李薔傳道 Matt 4:18-25  
2018-04-29EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Brave: Where’s Your Focus?Matthew 14:22-33  
2018-05-06ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2018-05-13ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師   
2018-05-13EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgHow Should Moses Honor JochebedExodus 2:1-10  
2018-05-20ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2018-05-27ChineseRev. Li-ShunHuang Hong黃麗薰牧師   
2018-06-03ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2018-06-03EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Taking Aim At Our DoubtsLuke 24:13-49  
2018-06-10ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師   
2018-06-10EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Wisdom for LifeProverbs 3:1-12  
2018-06-17ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2018-06-17EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgAppreciation of a Father’s LoveMark 5:22-42  
2018-06-24English & ChineseMinister. Joan Hsiung李薔傳道Prayer for peaceMatthew 6:13a 
2018-07-01ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師  
2018-07-01EnglishKenny WongKenny WongNot Who but Do!Luke 10:35-37  
2018-07-08Chinese佘亞弘牧師Daniel Sher 創12:1-3;西1:12-14  
2018-07-08EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgSometimes You Gotta to Tell Yourself...Psalm 103  
2018-07-22ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師   
2018-07-22EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Open Letter from JesusRevelation 1:1-20  
2018-07-29ChineseRev. Paul Hsiung熊天牧牧師   
2018-07-29EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師You’ve Lost the Loving FeelingRevelation 2:1-7  
2018-08-05ChineseMaosong Liao廖茂嵩弟兄   
2018-08-05EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師A Love Stronger than DeathRevelation 2:8-11  
2018-08-12EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgThe Blessings of Being Loved by God1 John 4:7-19  
2018-08-26ChineseRev. Lishun Hong黃麗薰牧師   
2018-08-26EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師What’s a Christian Without RepentanceRevelation 2:18-29  
2018-09-02ChineseRev. Kehru Wang王克魯牧師    
2018-09-02EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Reputation vs RealityRevelation 3:1-6  
2018-09-09ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師   
2018-09-09EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Remember Your TrainingRevelation 3:7-13  
2018-09-16English & ChinesePastor Willy Tan陳王偉牧師Follow MeMatthew 9:9  
2018-09-23English & ChinesePastor Willy Tan陳王偉牧師A Courageous ChurchJohn 21:15-19  
2018-09-30English & ChineseRev. George SaiegRev. George SaiegFollowing Jesus’ FootstepsRomans 10:1-2; Matthew 5:44,11:28; John 10:27-28 
2018-10-07ChineseMinister Marilyn Chen陳鳴鋁傳道Toward a mature LifeJames 1:1-5, 12 
2018-10-07EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師God Is Building Something SacredEphesians 2:19-22  
2018-10-14ChineseRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師God Is Building Something SacredEphesians 2:19-22 
2018-10-14EnglishRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Busy or Devoted?Acts 2:42:47  
2018-10-21ChineseRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Supernatural Love and UnityJohn 13:34-35 
2018-10-21EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Supernatural Love and UnityJohn 13:34-35  
2018-10-28ChineseRev. Jeremy Ju朱致民牧師 How much are you and I worth?  
2018-10-28EnglishPastor Aaron JalovecPastor Aaron JalovecFreedom from…John 8:31-38  
2018-11-04ChineseRev. Tan Che Bin陳濟民牧師Praising God for His GospelRomans 16:25-27 
2018-11-04EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Ready! Set! Grow!Ephesians 4:7-16  
2018-11-11ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師Praise vs. ForgetDeuteronomy 8:10-11 
2018-11-11EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Dying to Follow ChristLuke 14:25–35  
2018-11-18English & ChineseRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Level Up Our Thanksgiving1 Thessalonians 5:18 
2018-11-25ChineseRev. Jeremy Ju朱致民牧師   
2018-11-25EnglishPastor Aaron JalovecPastor Aaron Jalovec    
2018-12-02ChineseRev. Sam Yin嚴鳳山牧師The secret of the blessed lifePhilippians 4:10-14 
2018-12-02EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師The Truths of the IncarnationJohn 1:1-18  
2018-12-09ChineseRev. Tom Chow周汝文牧師The Art of CommunicationJoshua 22:1-34 
2018-12-09EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Interruptions at ChristmasMatthew 1:18-25  
2018-12-16ChineseRev. Tom Chow周汝文牧師Building it with one heartHaggai 1:1-15 
2018-12-16EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Who Is Your King?Matthew 2:1-12  
2018-12-23ChineseRev. Tom Chow周汝文牧師In Christ, we serveEphesians 4:17-32  
2018-12-23EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Glory and PeaceLuke 2:8-20  
2018-12-30ChineseRev. Lishun Hong黃麗薰牧師Song of FaithIsaiah 54:1-3 
2018-12-30EnglishPastor Aaron Jalovec The Priesthood of God1 Peter 2:9; 4:9-10