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DateLanguagePreacher English NamePreacher Chinese NameEnglish TitleScripturesSermonPre-StudyPPT
2019-06-02ChineseRev. Edwin Su蘇文峰牧師To Be Like HimLuke 2:10-12 
2019-05-26ChineseRev. Frank Liu劉宏智牧師By God's MercyTitus 3:1-8a  
2019-05-19ChineseRev. Jeremy Ju朱致民牧師Where are you and I?Colossians 3:1-8 
2019-05-05English & ChineseRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Facing Down the Giant1 Samuel 17 
2019-04-28ChineseRev. Stephen Oo余振源牧師Exalting God, Embracing Others   
2019-04-21ChineseRev. Andrew Su蘇文安牧師Receiving Lively Hope in the Eye of the Lord1 Peter 1:3;Psalm 33:18;John 1:41-42  
2019-04-14ChineseRev. Lishun Hong黃麗薰牧師A beautiful thingMark 14:1-9 
2019-04-07English & ChineseRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Passing God's Re-TestDeuteronomy 2:24-3:7 
2019-03-31ChineseRev. Lishun Hong黃麗薰牧師Praying Love   
2019-03-24ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師You will also let other receive blessingPsalm 67:1-7  
2019-03-17EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Remedial Faith DevelopmentDeuteronomy 2:1-13  
2019-03-17ChineseDr. Katheryn Leung梁潔瓊 院長Missional LifeJohn 20:21 
2019-03-10EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Choosing Faith Over FearDeuteronomy 1:19-46  
2019-03-03EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Taking that First StepDeuteronomy 1:4-8  
2019-03-03ChineseRev. Michael Hsu許逸程牧師Taking that First StepDeuteronomy 1:4-8 
2019-02-24EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師“You Call Me…”Exodus 3:1-15  
2019-02-24ChineseRev. Edwin Su蘇文峰牧師Encounter with God in MeditationRomans 11:33-36 
2019-02-17EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgStrong Medicine for a Hostile World1 Peter 3:13-17  
2019-02-17ChineseRev. Chunkeung Lee李春強牧師Our Father in HeavenMatthew 6:9-13 
2019-02-10EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgHow to Overcome a God-hating World?Mark 12:28-34  
2019-02-10ChineseRev. Danny Chu朱義熙牧師Thing of real importanceMark 1:9-20 
2019-02-03ChineseRev. Andrew Su蘇文安牧師Life in Present Perfect Progressive Tense  
2019-01-27EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Instagrammable WorshiJohn 4:4-26  
2019-01-27ChineseRev. Marcus Liew劉少平牧師Humble and Gentle, Serving the LordMatthew 11:28-30  
2019-01-20EnglishLeonard NgLeonard NgHow to Keep Your Resolution for LifeColossians 3:12-1  
2019-01-20ChineseRev. Wilfred Su蘇文隆牧師Follow the Lord with courage in the new yearJoshua 1:1-9 
2019-01-13EnglishRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師The Worship ReflexActs 17:22-32  
2019-01-13ChineseRev. Issac Chan陳啟猷牧師Truly knowing HimEphesians 1:15-23 
2019-01-06English & ChineseRev. Mike Hsu許逸程牧師Exalting God, Embracing OthersMatthew 22:36-40